Are you (or someone you know/work with) an adult or teenager with a diagnosis of autism? Do you feel left out or more unsupported compared to children with the same diagnosis? Are you looking for some answers and solutions when it comes to anxiety and autism itself? Do you wish to connect with likeminded individuals who are in the exact same position as yourself?

When I myself was diagnosed with autism at fifteen years old (three of my younger siblings were diagnosed in 2005 also), I felt quite alone and excluded from most autism programs. What was known about autism twelve years ago wasn’t nearly as much as today. Many autistic support groups had a cut-off age, and it was rare to come across an article that didn’t describe autism as a ‘childhood’ condition. Very often people would get puzzled when they heard that I was autistic and would askĀ “Haven’t you outgrown that yet”? In truth autism can’t ever be outgrown. If a person becomes higher functioning as they get older, all it means is that conscious exercises they’ve learned have become habitual.

At the time when I was diagnosed with autism I was told that I’d never be able to work due to my anxiety level. Anxiety certainly has hindered me. Yet it’s been my dream to be a public speaker and writer, as well as being able to do all I can to create a support group for every autistic person in the age group that tends to get overlooked the most.

I’m currently doing talks at seminars to both gain experience for my speaking career and to spread awareness of theseĀ future dreams. At this moment me and my family’s support group is on Facebook only. But once we gain connections and have more people to support we’ll definitely take this out into the outside world.